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Website Development

Web design & hosting

Desert Horizons Business Group provides:

  • Web site development
  • Content development
  • Web site hosting
  • Web site promotion
  • Collateral development

Website development

Since 1996, Desert Horizons has provided affordable, distinctive web sites especially geared to smaller and medium sized companies. Desert Horizons offers its services on an "a la carte" basis so they may be tailored to your specific needs.

We use state-of-the-art design concepts including responsive web design (RWD) for desktop and mobile viewing, cascading stylesheets (CSS) for sitewide uniformity and ease of updating, and PHP programming for secure, fast server-side processing. We design with modern usability standards and work with all major payment processors (Paypal, Square, Stripe).

Desert Horizons can provide custom design, template integration and WordPress and Concrete 5 based sites. We have in-house content development capabilities, including writing, editing, photography, illustration, audio and video production.

  • To view some of our clients, visit the Desert Horizons portal.
  • Check our Quick Guide to Understanding Web Sites.
  • Website hosting

    A great website design is useless unless people can get to your site. Desert Horizons uses a network of high-speed, highly-stable servers, assuring fast access and nearly nonexistent downtime. Desert Horizons has only commercial server service, so access to your site is never bogged down by dial-up users checking e-mail, playing games and making other demands on the server's processor.

    Check our affordable basic domain hosting plans and more details about our servers


    In addition to the package of on-line and off-line promotion included for each web site developed, Desert Horizons also offer additional promotion services:

    • Expanded search engine registrations
    • Links to related sites and directories
    • News releases and publicity placement
    • Direct mail announcements
    • Listserve e-mail newsletters
    • Advertising design and placement
    • Custom promotional programs

    Collateral development

    Desert Horizons has in-house editorial and production capabilities to create everything from newsletters and catalogs to training programs in electronic form to augment your website.

    • Editorial services: writing, editing, research, illustration, photography
    • Powerpoint® and presentation development
    • Multimedia development: audio, video, animation
    • Virtual meeting and seminar live streaming and on-demand videocasting
    • Publication design for online, on-disk and print
    • Acrobat PDF formatting for downloadable documents
    • CD/DVD interface design, mastering and duplicating

    Additionally, Desert Horizons offers printing and promotional products, from pens and mugs to logo apparel.